Products and Services

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FamilyLinkMeta offers virtual reality games, education and training solutions, and a virtual reality-based platform for meetings and collaboration.
Our products provide users with immersive experiences, presenting innovative possibilities across various industries. 

Additionally, as a family-centric metaverse platform, FamilyLinkMeta emphasizes.
Allowing family members to purchase land, build homes, share memories, and participate in economic activities in the digital world.
FamilyLinkMeta encompasses approximately 5 trillion land tiles, each measuring 100 square meters. 

Users can purchase land in various pre-planned units and, after the acquisition, build homes, commercial buildings, games, and Megacities.
As a hub for all digital item transactions, FamilyLinkMeta facilitates the trading of various properties, buildings, homes, vehicles, game items, and collectibles. 

The platform efficiently offers diverse services centered around transactions and interactions in the digital economy.
FamilyLinkMeta allows players to enjoy the game in their preferred way, allowing them to build homes, explore, and engage in various activities while playing.

We are providing the following Products and Services in the FamilyLinkMeta

1) Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets and Devices:
VR headsets are essential devices that provide users with a virtual reality experience.


2) Virtual Spaces and Worlds:
Virtual spaces and worlds are core components of the Metaverse, offering environments where users can interact and engage.


3) Virtual Goods and Services:
Users can buy and sell virtual items in the Metaverse, including digital goods, clothing, accessories, and virtual real estate.


4) Social Platforms and Communities:
Various social platforms and communities exist in the Metaverse, allowing users to engage in social activities within virtual spaces.



5) Virtual Reality Experiences and Events:
Users can enjoy virtual events and experiences, such as concerts, exhibitions, and other activities within the Metaverse.


6) AI and Virtual Artificial Intelligence Entities:
AI and virtual characters play roles in the Metaverse, interacting with users and assisting in various ways.



The FamilyLinkMeta continues to evolve, and new products and services are constantly emerging.
Its expansion is driven by technological advancements and changing user demands, leading to diverse and innovative developments in the Metaverse space.