How do I open an account? SIGN UP

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In order to use all the features provided by FamilyLinkMeta , you must create an account with FamilyLinkMeta .
When you log in, you can buy and sell LAND, Management of portfolio of assets held,
You can use functions such as trading with other users . of course If you want to learn about FamilyLinkMeta,
You can browse F amilyLinkMeta 's website without creating an account.

  • new FamilyLinkMeta account, please visit the MAIN PAGE.
  • Click SIGN UP at the top right
  • your active email and we will send it to you by mail . Please enter the 6-digit code
  • After entering the code and password , account creation is completed.
  • You can also create an account using the Google account below.

Create an email address and a secure password. If you use a password previously set on another website, your security may be vulnerable.