Where can I check the total MAMA points?

view : 77 2023-12-11 08:11:50

FamilyLinkMeta 's account: Your balance will be displayed.



  • USD($): If you sell your LAND, the sale amount will be displayed in the corresponding field. When withdrawing money later, This is a credit that can be exchanged for FAMA and can be used to purchase LAND.
  • MAMA : This is a credit paid through Play To Earn, Reword, Referral, etc. It is a good that can be paid by exchanging with FAMA tokens at a certain rate in the future.
    The value is (1 MAMA: $0.01). Purchase LAND using MAMA, I TEM can be purchased.

To withdraw the balance of your account: Please click the exchange button at the top.

FAMA moves to your wallet.