What steps do I have to take to buy the land?

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To purchase LAND that is not owned by another user, go to the main menu. Click BuyLand. Every country has a new LAND price that varies depending on certain conditions.

Every country has its own price for tiles, and the price of tiles is different for every country.

To purchase LAND, click “ For sale by FLM” on the map. Sale Find and select the LAND marked and click the BUY button.


To cancel your selection, click the clear button on the right.

Click the details button to see the details of the LAND.


the details button, detailed information about the LAND will appear at the bottom.

  • Price of LAND
  • price per tile

of a LAND is calculated by multiplying the number of tiles by the current price per tile in that country.

the BUY button, a new section will appear at the bottom of the page. Here you can review your details and select your preferred payment method to make your purchase.

  • Pay with account balance : The balance in your account will be deducted. It is displayed as UDS($) at the top.
  • by credit card : You can also pay directly with a credit card. We're working to add more payment methods in the future, but if you're having trouble purchasing with a credit card, please contact your service provider for more information.
  • To MAMA Payment: MAMA will be deducted from your account. MAMA is deducted at $0.01 per 1 MAMA.

Referral Code returns 5% of the purchase amount to MAMA. Referral Code owners also receive 5% of the purchase amount back as MAMA. Referral After entering the code, be sure to click Apply.

In the future, excellent users will receive stronger referrals of 5% to 7.5%. Code You will be given it.

please refer to this.

Own Referral Code cannot be used directly.

Referral The Code only applies to new land purchases and does not apply to user-to-user transactions.

When purchasing new land, My You can check it out at Portfoilo. Here you can manage all LANDs you own. You can also set up FLM or modify the information of LAND.