Which menu should I go to check the land and location I want?

view : 58 2023-12-11 03:45:38

To search for land of the main menu Click BUY LAND.
Move the map by dragging on the map , You can use your mouse wheel to zoom in or out on the map.
You can purchase LAND by selecting For Sale by FLM on the map.

The map offers two viewing modes:

  • can choose between satellite maps and maps.

  • By default, a 3D map is provided, and you can right-click and drag the mouse to Check out the 3D map.
  • You can use the search box at the top to go to your desired location using your desired language.

  • out and view the grid using the buttons at the top of the screen. When you press the # button it will automatically zoom to the correct level and you will be able to see the grid of FamilyLinkMeta.

also You can also visit the Marketplace to find properties for sale or owned by other players. To learn more about Marketplace and how it works, see What is a Marketplace? See. _